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Stealthtone Guitar Pickups, quality merchandise!
Made to the highest standard! Made to last!

Stealthtone Guitar pick-ups are made with high quality workmanship to the highest standards.

All of our magnets and metal pieces are precision made and Nickel-plated to prevent corrosion.

Stealthtone Guitar pick-ups incorporate the finest wire available to ensure a high number of turns of wire to provide a high output.

Nickel plated terminal lugs are situated on the back of the pick-up and allows connecting wires to be hard wired directly to the back of the pickup insuring that the connecting wires will not easily break away. In the unlikely event that the connecting wires do break away they can easily be soldered back onto the pickup.

The plate sections of the former bobbin are cut to the highest precision and are made from a fibre compound, this fibre compound will take plenty of heat for soldering and will not buckle, stretch or shrink, unlike cheap plastic that shrinks and buckles causing the internal coils to break.

The magnets are housed in retainers made to the highest precision from nylon a longlasting durable material that will not crack or break.

The coils are precision wound on a state-of-the-art computer controlled winding machine.

The pickup covers are made from a durable longlasting material that will not crack or shrink.

The pick-ups come with 12 months warranty and will be replaced free of charge if found to be faulty through manufacturing causes. Freight costs for return of faulty pick-ups are not included; costs for removing faulty pick-ups and installing replacement pick-ups are not included. Freight costs for returning replacement pick-ups to you will be included.